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About tanaRi Events

Weddings. Engagements. Milestone birthdays. In our lives, we only experience special moments like these once. With tanaRi events, these moments are transformed into memories that last a lifetime.

tanaRi events is a full-service event planners company specializing in weddings and social events... more >

  • tanaRi events believes weddings are all about customization. An occasion so important should be everything you dream for it to be—and no wedding should be alike... more >

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    Riri - Words cannot express our gratitude! When you came onboard to help plan the event, we had no idea how valuable you would become. In the last few weeks before the wedding, we caught a glimpse of tanaRi events impact on the event planning and on both of us.

    You were always available to answer questions, bounce off ideas or just listen as unpredictable issues arose. You sat with us and patiently walked us through the questions to ask our vendors, navigate contracts, and gave tips for saving money. You coordinated the vendors, helped define the time line and handled all the tiny but important details for the big day. At that point, we knew that our hard work was done and you would take charge with as much care and diligence as though it were your wedding day.

    Because of your efforts, our wedding day was perfect. We had a magical, unforgettable, insanely fun day. If there were glitches in the day, only you knew of them! Since we have gotten married, I have had many brides/grooms-to-be ask my husband and I, "If you could make anything from your wedding better, what would it be?" A fair question, as they plan for their own weddings; you can imagine their surprise when we unanimously respond: "Nothing!"

    The truth is, not only was our wedding incredibly beautiful, it was also one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of our lives, for our families and us. Your attention to detail and flawless execution turned our dream wedding into a reality. We loved every single second of it.

    - Saloni & Nitesh
    New York City (NYC)
    November 20th, 2008

    - Saloni & Nitesh

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    Is it possible to decorate an enormous ballroom and put together all the design elements for a charity fundraiser attracting an elite audience, with limited budget and resources?

    Most event planners could not, but Riri Patel got it done with creativity and finesse. Riri used her vendor contacts, got beautiful yet inexpensive decorative pieces, and was able to transform the ballroom into something spectacular. The fact that we raised over $100,000 that evening was in large part due to the ambience of that space. We will never forget it.

    We especially want to thank Riri Patel for her professionalism and pleasent demanor. She helped nurture a fun environment to work in, and made everyone comfortable as a result. We at Asha for Education sincerely look forward to working with her again!

    Neil Sikder and Bhinish Shah, 2010 - Evening of Hope Coordinators

    Asha for Education, NYC/NJ Chapter

    - Asha for Education

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    tanaRi events was an absolute pleasure and an amazing addition to our wedding celebration. Words cannot convey how completely thankful we are to have been recommended to work with Riri Patel & her team. Truly talented, Riri’s creativity and organizational ability is outstanding.

    From the first time we met with Riri, her calm approach was such a relief and her enthusiasm to make our day perfect, impressive. With just a five-month engagement, there were many ideas on the table and so little time to execute. Thanks to tanaRi events, we were able to have the most wonderful, stylish, tailored just-for-us wedding day. From guest to guest, everyone commented on what a fantastic wedding it was. Some even saying it was one of, if not, the top weddings they have ever been to!

    tanaRi events not only coordinated - they submerged themselves in our vision, and prioritized accordingly to make the entire event seamless. The day of our wedding, we had a torrential downpour and nothing but compliments to Riri on how smoothly the ceremony went! Every time I saw Riri and her team, I was greeted with a big smile. We were amazed that they were so incredibly graceful and went on with the event coordination as though the sun was shining (even though they were drenched!).

    Riri’s ability to think outside the box, meet challenges with grace and help with whatever needs to be done was beyond our expectations. With each detail, tanaRi events made our wedding a complete reflection of who Dane and I are. Aside from it being the best day of our lives, it was also a day our guests will remember forever. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you tanaRi events

    - Amanda & Dane
    Montauk, NY
    June 11th 2011

    - Amanda & Dane

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    I recently had the pleasure of hiring tanaRi events for our day-of coordination for my wedding reception on June 18th 2011. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wanted to have someone to help me make sure everything ran smoothly on the day of our wedding. I was so pleasantly surprised with the amazing work that the tanaRi events team did and I can honestly say that they went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations completely.

    From my first meeting with Riri, she was so well organized. I knew right off the bat that she meant business. She quickly realized that I still had a lot of loose ends in my planning. She stepped in and took the time and went through all the details with me.

    I had mentioned to her once in a conversation that I didn't know much about flowers, and wasn't too happy with my floral centerpieces. To my surprise, Riri came with me to my decor appointment, and transformed what I had envisioned into a reality. She asked my permission to talk to my decorator and within my budget she negotiated exactly what I was picturing, something I would never have been able to accomplish myself.

    On the day of wedding, Riri's team arrived perfectly on time, prepared and dressed professionally. They were on top of every last detail. We had a few big issues with our venue, and photographer, but because Riri Patel had taken the time to talk to me before hand, and knew what I expected, she took matters into her own hands and fixed the issues right away.

    Overall using tanaRi events was an amazing experience. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. In the future, I would definitely work with them again for any social event I throw and recommend them to everyone. tanaRi events team was fantastic!

    Thanks tanaRi!

    - Nisha & Naveen

    - Nisha & Naveen